Speaker List for Summer Gathering

Basil has declined, as he is working feverishly on the UDR56k. Thanks for your efforts.

Saturday September 7th at Valley Camp

9:00amĀ Change is in the air-waves with FCC Regs
Bryan Hoyer – K7UDR

10:00am Hamwan Update
Bart Kus – AE7SJ

11:00am Ad-Hoc Networking Protocols for Amateur Radio
Brian Heaton – KY9K

12:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Network Security without Encryption
Cory Johnson – NQ1E

2:00pm Normalising TCP/IP Linking Protocols for Amateur Radio
John Hays – K7VE

3:00pm BCWARN
Ian Procyk – VE7HHS

4:00pm Near Space Ballooning
Paul Verhage – KD4STH


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I’m throwing together this site in order to have a public repository for news and information on the various goings on for digital amateur radio here in the pacific northwest.

My apologies if I’ve overlooked or slighted any effort to do the same.